Monday morning in another country

It is rather fun visiting a country that is smaller than some cities. Swaziland, completely enclosed by South Africa.

I am here to visit my sister and see where she has come to live.

With a population of 1.23 million it has fewer people than Johannesburg where I live. Jo’burg has over 3 million. It has fewer people than the 66 largest cities in the world.

It is less than 18,000 km2.

What it does have is smiles. Such nice people. You just have to realise you will be happily smiled out after a visit here.

The smile is contageous, even the South African on our side of the border was so delightful I wondered if he was going to sell me a family of goats or something.

Yesterday I drove here, and at the border realised that this is the first time I have been the driver and owner of the vehicle going over an international border. Easy? They made it easy, and I was lucky enough to beat a busload of teenagers going through, or I may have felt l little differently.

I realised yesterday I have never really done the tourist thing in my own country. If you live here you get into your or someone else’s car and drive, or fly the longer distances.

So for next spring I want to plan a trip in a fancy bus with a driver and tour guide to go down south to see the vistas of spring flowers. We have dry areas that become so amazingly beautiful with acres and acres of wildflowers all celebrating spring. Not that I am wild about being on a bus, but to see the sights without the need to concentrate on the road should be wonderful.




15 thoughts on “Monday morning in another country

  1. How lovely! I felt like that the one time I went to Zimbabwe, in 1990. Coming from SA, the difference in racial tension was palpable – there wasn’t any. Our car broke down in Masvingo (which had one street and had just acquired city status) and stayed overnight. It wasn’t until the next day that I realised we were the only white people in the hotel. It was wonderful not to have noticed; for it not to matter.

    Such a shame how things have gone. Hopefully, that won’t happen in Swaziland.

    Enjoy your break!

    1. I hope Swaziland continues on a peaceful path. There is dreadful loss of life from aids, that may chnage things in the longer term when too any people have grown up without parents.

  2. Looks like you are in for a lovely trip. We are heading into autumn up here in the Northern Hemisphere, so I’m going to have to enjoy the flowers though you’re post for a while. Keep them coming. They are just beautiful.

  3. I’ve never been to Swaziland, but my sister says it’s wonderful there. I’d also love to see the Spring flowers. Hadn’t considered going on a bus tour, but it’s definitely something to consider, although with all the reports of bus accidents in SA, I’m not so sure. I’d want to inspect the tyres and brakes first and breathalise the driver. 🙂

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