Public welfare

A highly emotive subject; public welfare payments. Even some private charity efforts and payments are becoming the subject of controversy. I see more and more comment, e-mail and even political campaigns around the world to reduce who can receive public money, and for how long. There is even a movement to get Oxfam out of […]


Do you ever get the feeling……..

Sometimes reading a piece of writing I get the feeling that everyone described therein is large, scowling, aggressive and ponderous. Regardless of the descriptions given of these people. Last night, reading something written on a blog I don’t remember ever visiting previously, I was struck by this again. Then I realised what was causing it. […]

Why things bite back

“Why things bite back”. The name of a book I read some years ago. The more we add technology to ‘simplify or improve’ our lives the more it complicates them. Every new technology brings its drawbacks. Every new gadget brings the need for batteries, or another power connection in the home. I remember friends of […]

Is it just me?

I’m not the fussiest housekeeper, in fact I definitely fall into the slut category. BUT (isn’t there always a but?) I had some people round to play bridge on Saturday evening, and for some supper, a pleasant evening (especially as I did not need to drive home afterwards in really cold weather). The only man […]

Pinky’s quiz

Pinky usually posts a weekly foodie quiz. As my sole clam to fame  in the foodie world is eating delicious stuff my answers are not always what she expected. BUT they are always 100% correct. 1. What dish is known as Jewish penicillin? Got to be chicken soup 2. What spices are traditionally in Ras el […]

Weekend Theme

It’s Friday morning so it’s time for me to post the weekend theme. For those who have never played with us, just before the weekend starts (especially for those who blog from work) I post a ‘theme’. This is a subject to provoke or inspire blog posts from people so that we can have fun […]

Words, words, words

Words, words, words. I have spent the major part of the last few days listening to the words of others., asking questions that generally provoke many more words. Most of these have been useful, some defensive until the person is reassured that this is a first exploration, and they have time to offer a ‘possible’ […]

Roundup for the weekend theme

libras child 19 Jun 2011, 19:24 did it. actually i cheated and just recounted my life but i did it! EXPLORER 17 Jun 2011, 09:39 I have attempted a Folly over on my blog. libras child 19 Jun 2011, 19:24 did it. actually i cheated and just recounted my life but i did it! Sarchasm […]


We often seem to bemoan the folly of others in the actions and decisions they take, sending their or other lives off in a different direction. The folly of forcing a little girl to move into the competitive world of ‘baby shows’ ‘little miss xxx’ shows is often bemoaned by those who believe these girls […]