Getting accustomed to new technology

This is my first blog post from my iPad. I’m having fun learning how to use it. What most impresses me in these few minutsissies just how well the touch keyboard works. When I think how often the blackberry touchpad has mis-read my fingers, this is a real pleasure. Of course it’s also playing soft […]


Events that have a common meaning, some sort of common ‘theme’ some common outcome, synchronicity. Is co-incidence real, is it pre-destined in some way. Can we influence what happens around us so that things ‘just happen’ at the same time? I often find it interesting that people have just posted, or are just about to […]

Weekend Theme

It’s Friday of a somewhat hectic week. I’ve been more of less absent from the blogs simply from exhaustion and lack of time. Anyway the weekend looms tantalisingly near, a little free time to play. Last weekend, as has happened previously Kate Shrewsday had her post ready and posted it almost as soon as the […]

An alternate reality

Tia looked down at her legs in the silk leggings; a bit thin, but then she was dressed as a page. No one would necessarily expect a page to be muscular. She twirled around in front of the mirror, the jacket fit as though it had been made for her, the short trousers well decorated […]

Weekend Theme

Its Friday again.  It seems to have come faster this week than last. There is a very simple explanation for that. Last week was, for me, the first 5 day working week in quite a few. Here in South Africa the 16th of December is a holiday, as well as the December 25/26 (and this […]


Can driving people hard create motivation? Yes, it has. The first part of the huge-on-going monster that I joined late last summer had had minor progress for a lot of effort. My first stage was for a big “shop-window”, I pushed hard, and got it delivered in world-record time for the product. But an offshoot […]

Back in the swing?

After the Summer/Christmas break, most of us up in the Southern Hemisphere are settling back to the routine of work.  Funny how even just a few days break can make it difficult to get back into a tight time management routine. About 10 years ago I started along a route of working from home, of […]

The hat

It had been a long working week. Starting with a twelve and a half hour flight from Johannesburg to Hong Kong. Then some hours in that modern airport, full of boringly-the-same-international-most-expensive shops and nasty fast-food restaurants, and the best bookshop was no longer there. A final flight to Beijing and finally a bed to lie […]

Weekend Theme

As its Friday morning it is obviously time for me to post the weekend theme. As usual; create your own post utilising the theme, and then leave a message here with a link, so that others can go and read all the contributions. The only rule is to have fun with it. This weekend the […]

Why is this always a problem?

I was not surprised to hear that there was chaos yesterday at the University of Johannesburg as students who hadn’t already applied for entrance all arrived with their parents etc. The fault is not only that of the universities, but of the experience the parents have had over the preceding years at schools. Some years […]