Weekend Theme

As it is Friday its time for the theme. Last weeks theme was amazing, so many ways to look at something. Today my mind has been rather blank on the issue of a theme, so I popped off to one of those word of the day sites, hoping for inspiration. Still nothing takes my fancy. […]

Raising a baby

I am always impressed at people who raise children well. All the time and attention needed to nurture, feed, care for physically and mentally and emotionally. The happy, confident child, teenager, young adult is usually the product of careful parents. Children with ‘problems’ may receive as much care and time but it may be less visible as they may […]


Yesterday, having a most delicious lunch, we unwillingly overheard a loud conversation from the adjacent table. To be more correct, we heard one woman, the rest were reasonably pitched so that they were background noise rather than the assault her comments were. They had obviously been away somewhere and she was telling the other couple […]

Pinky’s quiz

Pinky has posted a new quiz, so here are my answers 1 What is the main ingredient of huevos rancheros? Old farmers boots? 2. Where do empanadas originate from? Pandas – China? 3. What is Quesadillas primarily filled with? Cheese 4. What is a mimosa? Bubbly with a mix of fruitjuice 5. Where does gado-gado originate […]

The illusion of reality

“The illusion of reality”. Dangerous grounds! How does one distinguish between illusion and reality, when reality for each is influenced by our past, our education and our emotions? What on earth was I letting us all in for by proposing this as the theme? Lying in bed very early this morning (woken at 3.30 by […]

Those that survive

“My advice is divide them up into groups of about 10, that way they can help each other and more should come through. Send off groups at about 5 minute intervals and make sure they all understand the reasons for splitting up, those buldarks can never understand that humans do not all follow the same […]

Weekend theme – 5 October 2012

Friday – theme – oh yes, I decided on one theme on Wednesday, another last night, and now I can’t remember either of them. Getting older has its disadvantages. So now I have to start at the beginning again. Thinking, thinking, blank, blank. I’m in a coffee shop, supposedly working and waiting for friends to […]

Wednesday morning musings

I wonder what the lure of the super hero really is. After all we also love the anti-hero. The flawed human being who somehow muddles through, winning some and (unlike the super heroes) losing some. Watching that quirky film “Salmon fishing in the Yemen” last night I was wondering about this. A man, definitely intelligent, […]