When I started to write something for the theme I was all ready to get into something warm and positive and happy. Thinking of all the songs that use Sunshine to indicate happiness, joy, the source of life. As Spring is a’coming in for the Northern hemisphere, everyone is talking of the first really sunny […]

Weekend Theme

I know it’s not quite Friday yet, but I have an early start tomorrow. For some it’s supposed to be spring. With it’s usual teenage hormonal rampages it seems to have been erratic in the extreme. For us in this hemisphere (it’s actually the upper one – I’ll explain when asked), it is of course […]


Trolls, not the kind Bilbo Baggins or Harry Potter knew, but those we have all seen on the internet. Reading some comments on a news thread this weekend I was struck by how many of these trolls are actually uncouth, rude, mannerless. With the weekend theme being mnners I was perhaps a bit biased towards […]


Recently, in a large-ish meeting room when there were several conversations going on, I caught the eye of the person I wanted to show something to on my laptop, and beckoned to her, with a gesture that to me is not impolite, crooking my fingers at her. As she walked round the room she started […]

Weekend Theme

Friday a.m. time for the theme. I have been wondering for a while about how we get what we believe to be our ‘moral compass’. Some prefer to have it dictated from an external source, believing every dictate exactly. Others prefer to work out for themselves what is and is not right. But what scares […]

Early morning

Having felt exhausted yesterday I popped off to bed and to sleep quite early (for me), with the consequence of waking somewhat earlier than usual, but without that dreaded feeling of “I haven’t slept enough”. I pottered off to the kitchen and made myself some coffee and a special treat – a slice of toast […]

That other elusive photograph

I remember the day, a bit over 10 years ago. There was to be an eclipse of the sun, a TOTAL one within driving range. We went (driving through the night) and standing on a rocky hillock along with many others, waited and watched. The moment of total greyness, looking through various protective type devices, […]

That elusive photograph

Thinking of the most elusive photographs took my mind along many byways. I thought of some I have seen: a fox licking the window a cat leaping         a ghost           the moon       Someone has done them all. But then I thought of the most […]

Weekend Theme

It is Friday, end of the first 5 day week for me for a while. Time for the weekend theme. It has been elusively lurking at the back of my mind, now I know why. How to play along – create a post using the theme in some way. Then come back here and leave […]