Women, red hats, and some thoughts

When people hit a certain age, all of the extras seem to have been burned off them by life, and the person remains, just them. Watching the process can be fascinating. Yesterday was a Red Hat lunch, women of no longer tender years, just getting together for fun. I have only been to a few, […]


Almost all of us do it. Trying to be funny, trying to impress, or just ‘because’. The few I have met who seem to never exaggerate are those with extremely precise minds and will use the word “about” when they are not sure of a measurement to the level that an engineer would like it […]

Story 2 – part 9

A few days later after leaving more messages on the dating site against women’s profiles he thought he’d like, came a different response. Different because it was a response, and very different from his expectation. “Are you interested in SEX?” was the response. “Well of course” was his reply. Dennis worried a little as he […]

Learner Drivers

Driving to my customer today I followed a car with signs on the back “Caution Learner Driver”. So I didn’t scare them by zooming past, even though they were trickling along at about 18 KPH. When I turned off and carried on my merry way at 50KPH (I do the back roads) I was thinking […]


Clouds are such interesting things. From a distance they look impenetrable, blocking out the sun, bringing rain, hail or snow. Yet when you get up close, they are not really there. Stuff swirls around you, but where is that cloud? Where is that solid thing you watched from below? I think clouds are pretty much […]

Story 2 – Part 7

Next morning he went for his usual coffee. Mary herself brought his coffee and sat down to chat for a moment. He thanked her for the lunch. She thanked him for the lovely flowers. Then she said “What did you think of my mum? You two are both alone and I think you’d be perfect […]