Weekend Theme

Inspired by someone I have known and admired as a blogger for quite a few years now, the theme for next week is Opening lines After all we are told that is the way to grab the reader, keep them looking for more. As usual, create your post, then come back and leave a message […]


Umbrella. All week they have danced through my dreams, never once behaving as they should – to keep the rain off. And as for their fair-weather friends the sunshades, well they too have behaved disgracefully in my dreams. Actually that isn’t really true. They have behaved gracefully, floating, tumbling and generally being beautiful. World-wide the […]

Next week’s theme

As it’s Friday I realise I have to post a theme for next week. Apparently I have started reusing themes. My apologies, I’m becoming old, doddery and forgetful, all on top of being blonde. So here’s hoping this is a first The theme is UMBRELLA As usual, create your post and then come back here […]


“A fine healthy boy” said the midwife, passing him to me to bathe and swaddle. I carefully focused on the baby, gently wiping him down, soothing him with a little humming and watching his face carefully. He quickly dropped off to sleep once he was swaddled in soft cotton and wool blankets. I turned back […]


“My cheek throbbed and stung where she had slapped me. I felt sad and cross at the same time. I think she is the most beautiful girl in the class, and she has embarrassed me in front of everyone. And all because I drew her as the most important person in the choir. It all […]

Weekend Theme

Friday, should already be the end of the day and I still have work to do!   And the theme…. OOps, I did find something this week that I thought fitted nicely.

Pretty Dubious

By all accounts I had been an extremely docile and obedient child up until the day we went to the Elak farm for my brother to select his Elak. He was 7, just the right age to take on a young Elak and bind for life. I was only 4, nowhere near ready in anyone’s […]

Weekend Theme

First I have to apologise for ducking out on the last weekend theme. The half-written post stares at me from my desktop daily. Not really begging to be written (I think it realises that is not going to happen) but as a guilty reminder of failure. So I have decided to cut my losses on […]