Weekend Theme – Bodacious

Along with it’s early meaning of bold etc, there is a modern addition of sexy, as applied to a curvaceous woman. Some seem to think the word is modern, yet it was in use in the late 1800’s.  Not exactly a modern word. I was intrigued to see there is also a Bodacious Iris plant […]

A Story – Part 15

Finishing my doctoral dissertation took weeks of unending work. Constant work with my supervisor for changes, removals or additions took me well into the night, every night. When it was finally completed, a day before the deadline, my supervisor suggested I take a break, as the committee would be busy reading it for a while. […]

A Story – Part 14

The flight home left Philip feeling very confused.  He had so enjoyed the time with Theresa, yet the attraction he felt to Anthea was undeniable.  He could see them together for the rest of their lives, yet he hardly knew her. Arriving home at his apartment, he was further confused to receive a call from […]

Weekend theme – my contribution

The weekend theme (Charientism, the art of the veiled insult) gave me some interesting research. One of the people so competent at insults, open and veiled was Winston Churchill. Often they were just like a sledgehammer, but occasionally they were more subtle, somewhat like a thin knife slyly slipped between the ribs. So I did […]

A Story – Part 14

Three days later, back in his base city, Philip had another operation. The doctor said it was very successful, and surprisingly the pain was a lot less than before. A week later he was back at work, very busy having various projects to complete before going on leave, and the time off for his foot […]


“Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives.” (John Galsworthy) Sensibly quoted by my good friend The Only Cin. In the last 4 weeks I have been told of 5 deaths of people I […]

A Story – Part 13

On Saturday I went again and had my hair and makeup done. I selected my favourite outfit and perfume. At 7.30 exactly he rang the buzzer, I put on my coat and went down.  His eyes widened most appreciatively when he saw me and that made me smile. He was still on his crutches, but […]