Once upon a time…………

Once upon a time……….. ……they all lived happily ever after. There, she had done it; written the whole story by herself with no-one else seeing any of it. Stored safely among her winter jerseys that she would never again need, the cancer would soon see to her. She hoped her friend Mary would tidy up […]

Weekend Theme

As its already Friday it is time for the weekend theme. This week it’s pretty simple it has a beginning and an end in it. Once upon a time………. …………they all lived happily ever after.

The effect…………..

Alcohol and one of its effects; making some people “more themselves”. Over a glass or two of wine with a lovely summer meal yesterday, one participant said that alcohol, far from loosening him up, makes him very pedantic, correct and demanding. I guess he normally works quite hard to seem less so, and the effects […]

All mod cons

A phrase from a particular era, when the creation of new devices supposed to make life easier had started to speed up. Not to the level it is at today when if you blink, you could miss a whole ‘generation’ of some gizmo. The more the thoughts around this have spun around in my head, […]

Weekend Theme

Talking recently to someone who lives out in the bush where there is no electricity, and water is obtained from a borehole and pump, I was thinking how grateful I am for electricity that is there when I turn on a switch, and for water than flows out of taps when I turn them on. […]

People to admire

How little we know about each other. Looking at the calm exteriors, the apparent confidence – how can we know what goes on inside someone else. Watching how people deal with their personal issues can be horrid or awe inspiring. Someone I would not have taken for one told me recently he’s an alcoholic. He […]

Monday morning musings

The picture doing the rounds last week, made me stop and wonder. It was supposed to, but maybe my wondering wasn’t what the original sender wanted me to wonder. Do you feel sad for those children there who lose their parents and for parents there losing their children, knowing they may well also die? Any […]


5.01 “Dad did you have to fetch me at work. I’d like to go home and pack” “Yes we are worried since you said that man follows you on a Friday and that he tried to get into the building with you last week.” 5.08 I’d better be at the coffee shop with my newspaper, […]

Weekend Theme

Although I’m not a serious sports fan there are many bloggers who are. The greatest extent of my live sport watching has been for a few years going to the annual international polo match, and that largely because it is a day of friends, FOOD, wine, port, chatter and then as a by-line you also […]