The effect…………..

Alcohol and one of its effects; making some people “more themselves”.

Over a glass or two of wine with a lovely summer meal yesterday, one participant said that alcohol, far from loosening him up, makes him very pedantic, correct and demanding.

I guess he normally works quite hard to seem less so, and the effects of alcohol let loose the real him.

Thinking about it, I giggled all the way home.

No I wasn’t drunk, 2 glasses with a meal over several hours. I just giggle to myself normally.

10 thoughts on “The effect…………..

  1. I have always had a problem with folks who are changed in a major way by alcohol. I don’t like the extreme I think. The problem is we probably don’t realise the change that it can make in us so we could start behaving completely out of character without realising it!

  2. It conjures up all sorts of scenarios – “pedantic, correct and demanding” while staggering around, slurring syllables, would be, um, interesting, no? 🙂

    I giggle to myself all the time…

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