People to admire

How little we know about each other. Looking at the calm exteriors, the apparent confidence – how can we know what goes on inside someone else.

Watching how people deal with their personal issues can be horrid or awe inspiring.

Someone I would not have taken for one told me recently he’s an alcoholic. He has the courage to admit the addiction and the courage to deal with it by getting help before it ruins his life. I was amazed and impressed.

His parents were both alcoholics. His father left when he was very small, and the few times in his life he has seen the man, he was drunk.  His mother had a problem with alcohol too, turning into someone nasty who couldn’t stop drinking no matter how dreadful things became.

So here he is, knowing he has any possible genetic inheritance for it. Knowing what he is capable of, and apparently has done. And then doing something about it; going to the AA before he hits rock bottom.

I find people like that quite inspiring. That they get off their addicted behinds and get help, knowing they can’t do it alone.  How wonderful to see people taking charge of their lives, not sitting and blaming everyone but themselves.

I suspect these are some of the unknown and unsung heroes in life. I raise my piece of chocolate to them and say “Well done”.


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