5.01 “Dad did you have to fetch me at work. I’d like to go home and pack”

“Yes we are worried since you said that man follows you on a Friday and that he tried to get into the building with you last week.”

5.08 I’d better be at the coffee shop with my newspaper, as usual. They seem to accept me as a harmless regular. Good

5.15 Watching the girl and her father go into the building. I hope he takes her away for the weekend. We’ll have a better chance of catching the man if we don’t have to protect her.

5.20 If I hurry I’ll be ready quickly and then I can phone Don to see if he’s free.

5.23 She’s closed the curtains on her bedroom. If she’s taking older men in with her she must be a prostitute. No one worries when they go missing. This could be easier than I thought.

5.27 Damn, the father has left without her.

5.33 Hmmm I smell so good after a bath in this stuff, I could even fancy myself.

5.34 I’ll quickly phone Peter at the bar. Now I won’t see him tomorrow. “Hi Peter, my dad insists I go home for the weekend with him. Since that man tried to follow me into the building last week my folks want me to move back home.”

5.36 The father is driving into the basement. She must have given him the access control.

5.40 I’ll go and wait outside her door. When the old man leaves I’ll explain I’m her next John and he’ll just let me in. That old bag lets me in when I carry her dog for her.

5.44 Don’s phone just rings and rings. I wonder where he is, or is he trying to avoid me? Maybe I’d better go and meet the girls at that new club.

5.45 Ok, is that your bag for the weekend? Let’s go, your mum is cooking your favourite dinner.

6.02 Evening maam. May I carry little Pogo for you so that he doesn’t dirty the entrance floor?

6.03 That looks like him entering. Now all we need is the CCTV of him breaking and entering. Hope he hurries up, that gorgeous Bella won’t wait all evening for me.

6.36 Hi girls. Yes I made it. That Dan seems to be a total loser, doesn’t answer his phone, so lets paartay!

6.37 Why is he just standing outside the door? Can’t take him in for just waiting there. Bella won’t wait much longer I’m sure.

6.38 Hi mum! Yes I’m so glad to see you. OOOh!  I can smell your roast chicken, and is that apple pie I can also smell. Yummy!

 10.30 The old man must be staying the night. Another lost evening. I’d better cruise downtown, maybe there is a new girl I could lure away before the others warn her.

10.33 He’s leaving, and he never went in. It’s going to be a long night following him. Better phone in for a few backups. Damn 3 missed calls, Bella’s number. Now she’ll be out somewhere without me.

10.35Hi Peter, I’m here for the weekend. Would you like to come out tomorrow?

10.34 That man dances like he knows how to make a girl happy. Damn, who is SHE?

10.37 Oh, I didn’t realise you have a wife.

9 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. Very deep stuff…I will return to re-read it when I can better comprehend it all, as all my depth was violated at work to day… Etsy, online, and of course @ Ebay…Bless You

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