Weekend Theme

Talking recently to someone who lives out in the bush where there is no electricity, and water is obtained from a borehole and pump, I was thinking how grateful I am for electricity that is there when I turn on a switch, and for water than flows out of taps when I turn them on. How much more difficult would life be for me without these conveniences I so take for granted (and complain bitterly if they stop functioning).

That somehow led the conversation to holiday homes for rent (always a cheaper option than a hotel for a holiday) and how the papers were scoured for ones with “all mod cons”. That being short for all modern conveniences.  Back when I was a child, that meant more or less, running water, functioning electricity, a radio and a stove with oven and plates, a fridge and if you were lucky an electric kettle and a gizmo for making toast. A telephone was also sometimes provided.

Driving home that evening I wondered quite what the description “all mod cons” would mean today.

So that’s the theme

All mod cons

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24 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. Well, some people would consider DVD players, video machines, computers, spa baths and some things I have never heard of as included in ‘all mod cons’ – the mind boggles what some families now take for granted.

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