All mod cons

A phrase from a particular era, when the creation of new devices supposed to make life easier had started to speed up. Not to the level it is at today when if you blink, you could miss a whole ‘generation’ of some gizmo.

The more the thoughts around this have spun around in my head, the more I think we are over-doing it. So many things to make life ‘easier’ and yet each needs attention, each needs someone to keep an eye on the ‘contract/license’, the batteries, the re-charger (none of which are the same).

Spending most of yesterday gardening I realised the pleasure of doing without most of these goodies. Then after I was clean I came back to the mod cons, dishwasher, washing machine, phone with a camera to post the garden pics on the web, a microwave to defrost a breadroll for my lunch, a fridge for the fresh salad. Oh yes, how less ‘easy’ life would be without them.


10 thoughts on “All mod cons

  1. So true about the joy of being in the garden with simple things. They make you feel very good when you have finished them too. We can’t (or should that be won’t?) do without the mods can we?!

  2. Good thoughts, Sidey.

    Some modern conveniences really do simplify our lives ~ helping us to keep our clothes and homes clean, and simplifying food preparation.

    But many tech gadgets ADD to the complexity of life, distracting us from what really matters. We are bombarded with information in the information age . . . it’s up to us to set up useful filters so that we have time for gardening, painting, writing, and other productive pursuits. 😀

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