Weekend Theme

I know it’s not yet Friday, but as I was late last week, I HAVE to be on time or early this weekend. I was in a jumbly frame of mind after a day of trying to concentrate through so many distractions in a planning session at work today. Driving home after a lovely chatty […]

People from the past

It’s been a few weeks of seeing people from various stages in my past. Some has been really great, some ok, and some rather baffling. How it is that someone who made life really difficult ‘back’ then; now seems happy to hug and kiss me hello? It makes me wonder what had been happening in […]


Contrasts, what a wide subject I opened up with that one! Over the weekend I once again saw the contrast in one person between the sober and drunk versions. What a contrast! The one friendly, loving; the other surly, verging on the dangerous. By the end of that I was disgusted and wanted nothing more […]

Weekend theme

Yesterday was Friday, and oops I forgot. My excuse is that we have a whole lot of family visiting and I have been with them and not online. I do think it’s a healthy sign that real people can drag me offline and out and about so easily 😉 So as it is around 4am […]

5 years and still blogging

Just over 5 years ago I created my first ever blog post, inspired by something odd that happened on the spruit (stream) outside the wall where I live. Sadly the platform – then called 24.com and later Letterdash, has become more or less dead. The change in editorial staff and the poor behaviour of the […]

More Freedoms?

Freedom is a tough thing to learn to handle. It’s a double edged sword as we learn what freedom is, so that one person’s freedom does not negatively affect another. We in South Arica have watched ourselves putting together one of the worlds most advanced constitutions, ensuring equality for all. Such a wonderful contrast to […]


We humans are odd really. It is amazing how often people demand, fight for, kill for that most elusive of things, “Freedom”. Yet when we look at the outcomes, one persons freedom is often at the expense of others. Freedom, being a double sided coin of rights and responsibilities is often stuck down as an […]

Something old, something new

I had been feeling grumpy all the way. My job had taken me out of the country for a critical 2 week period in my life. Now I had just landed at Johannesburg airport, and without going home, went to wait for 3 hours for my flight to Durban. Feeling gritty-eyed, lank haired, skin all […]

Weekend theme

It’s Friday at the end of a busy, and in some ways, difficult week. A long steering committee meeting yesterday in which the participants were pretty much all in disagreement put the cap on the tiredness. However finding a replacement washing machine/tumble dryer on special did help lighten my mood at the end of the […]

Echoes from the past

Yesterday afternoon, sitting waiting in a glass walled meeting room, I was a bit surprised to see a woman wave at me. A while later, our planning session in full swing, the techies in and out as we needed them, she eventually came to the door, and as I looked up, she said hello, calling […]