Birthday Party

I woke early, feeling excited. It was my birthday. My 23nd birthday to be exact. The first since I left home to live alone in the city. Then I realised my apartment was silent. No power! The room was a lot colder than on other days. I groaned and climbed out of bed, ready to […]


Weekend Theme

Its Friday Day for the Weekend Theme This weekend, because I’m running away to a family celebration, I think the theme should be Birthday Party

How many plug points does a person need?

I remember the jokes at me when everyone was helping pack up my house after the flood. “You have enough extension cords to fit out a …….” was the type of comment. Yesterday my new little ‘spare / home’ cellphone beeped it’s last at me. The battery was flat. “WHERE IS THE CHARGER?” I yelled. […]

It’s blowing

Here in Johannesburg August is the month of strong winds. I remember really shivering at school break in August. Dresses and long socks, with a gap between ensured we girls desperately wanted to be out of the wind. (I recently saw someone who attends the same school these days, and the girls have an option […]


Finding something to be grateful for in what annoys me is a very good exercise for me; it makes me focus on the positive aspects of life. Well today this was so easy I can’t really claim it as self-improvement. There I was, in a teeny traffic jam, on the way home. And there they […]


We looked at the Angel in amazement. Skin the colours you see across the skyline during a winter sunset, and hair all the shades of blue, indigo and black that the sky uses to push away the exuberance of the sun to make place for the night sky with its humbler yet sharper stars. The […]

Someone who needs help

On Letterdash we have blogger who is an inspiration to all. This is a man who suffers the consequences of a disease that has made him gave to rely totally on his chair – something for more than just a replacement for mobility. I don’t normally react to on-line appeals for help as so many […]

Pinky’s Weekend Quizzy Thingy

As usual when Pinky posts a quiz, I can’t resist. It’s like those difficult crosswords; I know I’ll get maybe one right, but I go ahead and humilate myself over and over. 1 What is a Mille Feuille? It is a million folds of delight  2. What is the national dish of Indonesia? That is […]

Weekend Theme

After a week off the blogs I’m feeling deprived. 2 days of driving 150Km to work on site, one day driving through driving rain in the morning and sleet in the evening, the other – both directions with most of the trip facing directly into the rising and setting sun. Almost 13 hours a day, […]


Advertising oneself for the purposes of attracting a partner for procreation is very common among animals. Probably the best known of the displaying birds is the peacock. There is the rather plain looking female bird, being presented with this fabulous flashy tail, to impress her and lure her into mating and reproducing. And of course […]