As I have been exposed to more of the nonsense that started the theme, I went off looking on the web. Magicians, how they entrance us. From a young age, we can be lured into watching and guessing, how on earth they do those things. I’ve had fun with youtube and found this one. If […]

After a week in which I seem to have been exposed to, and discovering I have been exposed to misleading statements for auite a while by quite a few people, I think the weekend theme should be   Illusion

Thursday thoughts

Watching three friends of mine all battling with circumstances that leave them drained and in emotional pain makes me wonder about the source of the pain. In each case they seem to be looking for affirmation of themselves from someone who seems not to care, or in one case, to actively dislike them. How or […]

Wednesday’s words

Do you enjoy the very bright youngsters? Yesterday afternoon I again spent some time with one of ours. He’s ranked something silly in IQ against the others at Mensa. What I do find interesting is that he has a few ‘quirks’. (Why do I think the intelligent ones shouldn’t also be human?) He doesn’t like […]

Monday Morning

Monday, woken during the night by gently falling rain and some distant thunder. I hate waking when I can’t go back to sleep, it makes the whole day feel foggy. Yesterday we spent outdoors, first sitting round under the trees, just chatting and eating some snacky stuff for starters, then around the table for a […]

My first…

I had a day of two firsts, one that left me with a lifelong love, the other was later a giggle inspired by an advertisement. A lovely warm Saturday, somewhere back in the early 1970’s I met some friends at an open air restaurant at the Carlton Centre. (The pride and joy of Johannesburg back […]

Thursday Musings

Chatting to someone yesterday while we both waited for Chinese takeaway, was pleasant enough. While in that drowsy state between awake and asleep the conversation wandered back into my head. A young actor, reading a book on mime, wanting to refresh or improve his grasp of the medium. We got chatting about what techniques are […]

Valentines day special

Valentine’s day. The day of love, commitment and caring, all wrapped up in schmaltzy cards and enforced buying of perfume, chocolate etc.  This year to celebrate it I have rounded up people’s contributions to extend the little rhyme “Roses are red, violets are blue” which is supposedly finished off with some very sweet statement. So […]