Joke, the weekend theme

What is a joke? It’s usually a little story, with characters we all recognise. Then the unexpected twist in the tale occurs and we laugh. Why? Humans like the unexpected. Something ‘out of context’. The same joke twice over stops being funny, doesn’t it? Not all ‘jokes’ have the twist. For some people jokes are […]

Divided by a common language

How often do we believe that we have clearly communicated, only to discover that others have completely misunderstood what was said? I’m trying to run a project and one individual in particular keeps re-interpreting what I say into something different. When I explain in writing how milestone 1 can be achieved in 10 days, followed […]

Tuesday morning thoughts, not very exciting or original

Winter has returned with a vengeance. Humans are so predictable. If there is a slight warming period during July we all declare winter is over. Somehow the trees too believe this and blossom appear all over. Pretty frothy fruit blossoms, that flourish briefly, only to be cruelly swept off by freezing winds and worse. Somehow […]

What if?

What if? Two words that make the heart of every inventor flutter with excitement. What if….. we placed the bricks like this, we could support a huge dome and not just a small arch. What if …….we turned this engine sideways? What if …….. we mixed the synthetic fibre strand with the cotton? What if […]

Weekend Theme

The weekend theme last week gave me a difficult weekend. 3 attempts at stories, not one of which was presentable. So how do I find something that will at least let me play along? Maybe it was my mind and not the theme that was at fault as others seemed to have no difficulties. This […]

When desires conflict

When desires conflict, how does one choose? I’ve been watching two people each dealing with the same conflict. They live in a small town, a one-company town more or less. They both work for the one company, but the headquarters are in a city. They both want to progress in their careers, but the progression […]


Reunions with schoolmates. It’s been fun, it’s been entertaining, it’s been instructive. Apparently all but one of us colour our hair in some way to disguise the grey. LOL are we vain? One couple have a grandchild with them. Are we old enough to be grandparents? Of course, but we forget it sometimes. Should we […]


3 stories, 3 attempts and nothing that a 6th grade teacher would pass (unless she had a migrane and was marking with her eyes closed).  Beauty has been escaping me all weekend. So in desperation I turned to pictures, and there I found my little cat’s sister, looking very beautiful. So here’s my contribution to […]

Weekend Theme

Come and play along. Create a post using the weekend theme, leave a message here with a link, and come back to read the posts here and there. This weekend the theme is Beauty