When desires conflict

When desires conflict, how does one choose?

I’ve been watching two people each dealing with the same conflict.

They live in a small town, a one-company town more or less.

They both work for the one company, but the headquarters are in a city.

They both want to progress in their careers, but the progression leads almost inevitably into head office and the city.

Both, for different reasons, want to remain in the small town.

The conflict of these things makes them both difficult when either their chances for advancement are threatened by their resistance to the big city, or if a promotion is available, but it requires a move to the city.

I wonder which desire will win?


16 thoughts on “When desires conflict

  1. I would reckon you ask yourself some questions along the same lines that Nancy has mentioned: “Will I be happy if I make this move? Will I and my family benefit in good ways? What are my reasons for staying as opposed to my reasons for leaving? Which outweighs the other?” If it’s only for the money and/or prestige, I’m not sure that’s a good enough reason for packing up and moving!

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