3 stories, 3 attempts and nothing that a 6th grade teacher would pass (unless she had a migrane and was marking with her eyes closed).  Beauty has been escaping me all weekend.

So in desperation I turned to pictures, and there I found my little cat’s sister, looking very beautiful. So here’s my contribution to Beauty.

Hanneke Bestebier is a talented photographer, isn’t she?



14 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. My 6th grade teacher was Mrs. Sable. She was assigned all of the worst boys in the school. I have no idea why I was put in with them. I was a delightful child. From my point of view anyway. Apparently adults did not concur.

  2. Beautiful, Sidey! REALLY! And kudos to the photographer. So far I have found that pet photography is one of the most difficult. . .at least for me. I’ve only been able to get a couple of decent ones in the last year, and they were not my own pets! They refuse to cooperate!

    1. it is something really difficukt to do. Around the cat shows there have been a few photigraphers with the talent and patience. good props entertain the subjects and give interest too

  3. Beauty!

    And you’ve proved the themes aren’t “rigged” ~ you obviously don’t plan out your post before announcing the theme. 😉

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