Reunions with schoolmates. It’s been fun, it’s been entertaining, it’s been instructive. Apparently all but one of us colour our hair in some way to disguise the grey. LOL are we vain?

One couple have a grandchild with them. Are we old enough to be grandparents? Of course, but we forget it sometimes.

Should we organise the next big get together next year for the dreaded big birthday, or in 2019 for the next big anniversary of when we left school?

How is it that we still have the same affection for each other, undiminished by the years. We joke and kid around between deeper conversations. Hey we still are interested in everything!

Oh my, how will I cope with normal life next week when all this is over? (Organise a few more gatherings is my guess to keeping the fun going)


12 thoughts on “Reunions

  1. I would rather a blogger meeting than a reunion at this point in my life I think. 😉 Of course, I have a big one coming up.

  2. Thanks, and to you.

    Someone told one of the gang when they planned the 40th that we were lucky to all still be alive! Scary.
    Yet two from our class have already lost younger siblings, so it’s not something to scoff at

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