Tuesday morning thoughts, not very exciting or original

Winter has returned with a vengeance. Humans are so predictable. If there is a slight warming period during July we all declare winter is over.

Somehow the trees too believe this and blossom appear all over. Pretty frothy fruit blossoms, that flourish briefly, only to be cruelly swept off by freezing winds and worse.

Somehow people seem to forget ‘last year’ and the year before that etc.

I suspect it has a lot to do with optimism that winter could just possibly be over, despite the arrangement of earth and sun and that wobble that gives us the seasons.

How often do we do this in real life? Ignore the immutable facts and insist we are right. How often is this fatal? All of this led me to Amy Winehouse and the so high probability that a lifestyle of excesses in alcohol and other mind-altering substances can so easily lead to death.

Along with these other optimisms, there is also the ‘bullet-proof mentality’ that it can never happen to me.

I suppose we all have that one way or another, except those who believe EVERYTHING will negatively affect them.


9 thoughts on “Tuesday morning thoughts, not very exciting or original

  1. It is COLD, and I have a COLD and I am therefore grumpy. Wish I could stay in bed today.
    As for Amy, I have to agree with you, saying no no no to rehab kind of says it all

  2. We need to gather up a huge mixing bowl, dump in your lows and our highs, blend together . . . and find a a happy medium.

    I haven’t been following all the stories about Amy’s life and death. I expect that fame exacted its price ~ as it does for many artists, musicians, and celebrities.

    1. it is sad that so many creative people also self-destruct. it does seem to come with the territory, and wealth and fame just make it easier to buy and the pressures higher

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