Earthworms and dust bunnies, and the weekend theme

I prefer the earthworms to the dust bunnies.

My working life has just moved up a gear for a bit and apparently I will also be working on Saturdays away from home for the next few weeks.  So with only Sunday to catch up on everything, my big gardening effort will have to go on hold until spring is really here. This morning early, I looked out in the gloomy morning light and sighed; thinking of the deprivation. I think it’s odd that I find housework so utterly boring and gardening so restorative to my inner being. The outer being, these days, gets full of aches and pains from gardening and the long stints I have done recently left me with the need for a hot shower and a sleep. However the results always leave me happy.

Yesterday a friend sent me pictures of extremely muscular young men posing in the snow, they made me quite happy too, ‘very pretty’. Amazingly they were all hairless from the neck down (for all I could see – I wondered about their feet, in nice warm boots). As their physiques were very well developed they had obviously passed puberty. That got me thinking about the customs surrounding body image and the things people will do for that ‘perfect image’.

Enough rambling on. Its Friday. Time for the weekend theme.

However I think we have recently had too many themes we have taken rather seriously. So this weekend the theme is


Your favourite one(s), how you hate people who tell them, Freud’s writings on humour, whatever you are moved to share with us. All except the abusive are welcome to come and play along. Create your post, and then come back here to leave a link for others to use to find your and other contributions. Come back and follow the links, enjoy the reads.

This is a double posting on Letterdash and WordPress. Select the link for Letterdash to go and see what others have done there.

As usual the command is “have fun with it”


29 thoughts on “Earthworms and dust bunnies, and the weekend theme

  1. I much prefer gardening to housework too, Sidey. At least with gardening you can see a difference. Whereas housework is a thankless, repetitive chore. Ugh!

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