Thursday ALREADY? it’s NOT YET Friday?

I woke this morning, hopped (crawled) out of bed and went to shower. I thought “Tomorrow I can just sleep in late”. Then reality struck. It’s only Thursday not Friday. The odd thing is I’m so exhausted, not from work but from play on top of work. 8 days so far of really wonderful times, […]

Hello Mrs Telephone

Childhood, a time when everything is new, at least once. Every day our domestic worker would walk the few blocks to the local shops to buy what was needed. Bread, vegetables, sometimes meat. And she would take me with her. I was 3 years old. My older sister was at school every day, so my […]

Weekend Theme

As it is THAT Day of the week, it’s almost time to turn one’s mind to matters other than those of earning a living. Therefore it’s time for me to post the Weekend Theme. This is just a bit of fun. Bloggers post about so many things in so many different ways. The theme is […]


This evening I am going to see my friend of longest standing (as opposed to my oldest friend). We haven’t seen each other for over 30 years. We were young adults when she left the country. What have the years done to each of us? How easy will it be to talk again? We have […]

UFO roundup

nrhatch It’s A Bird . . . It’s A Plane . . . It’s A U.F.O. « Spirit Lights The Way gobetweenflames   The Weekend Theme: “U.F.O.” « Reflections From a Cloudy Mirror Paula Tohline Calhoun   Lisa (Woman Wielding Words)   adeeyoyo   Tinman   Pseu   […]


We were driving to a party, it was dusk in early summer, that magic time of day when many things are possible. As we drove up the steep climb that is Sylvia’s Pass between Lower Houghton and Upper Houghton, I looked out at one of my favourite views. Johannesburg; spread out in its green and […]

Weekend Theme

It is as usual for this time in the week, a Friday. Funny that! So nice and regular you can set your calendar by it. So time for the weekend theme. Driving home one day this week, facing into the setting sun (most annoying despite being beautiful with stark bare trees outlined against the pinky-gold […]