Monday morning, starting sadly

The dawn chorus is in full swing and I need to finish off some work, so I can go to the print shop this morning. Kate posted the video clip of the Orient Express leaving for that fateful run in Agatha Christie’s Murder story. That was a great movie, but now I have serious wanderlust. […]


Weekend Theme – Reaching the Bottom – roundup

As we all know, digging a hole is the only job where you start at the top and work your way down. And when you stop, you have reached the bottom.  However when falling down a home, when you reach the bottom, you stop.  And now for the list of those who contributed and remembered […]

Reaching the bottom

I have recently finished reading a South African book about 3 young female doctors doing their internship at a hospital in rural Kwa-Zulu Natal. One of them, the daughter of wealthy parents in Cape Town, is at first rather shocked. Coming from her own flat, car etc. during studying she drives to the hospital to […]

Weekend theme, 25 Feb 2010

Friday morning. Time for the weekend theme.  With no pre-amble, here it is.   Reaching the bottom. As usual, post your contribution, leave a message here and I’ll do a roundup towards the end of the weekend.  Have fun with it.

A little story

“Please sir, I want to give up my current responsibility”. I begged. The archangel looked at me with a rather surprised expression on his face. “Hmmmmm, he said. I think I’ll need to consult on this one.” He was silent for a moment, his eyes crossed with concentration. “She’s coming” he eventually said. A few […]

Wednesday Muddling Along

It’s Wednesday. The week is flying past. I wonder what the day will bring. I’m reading a book about 3 young women doctors doing their internship at a rural hospital, and although it’s just a story some of it makes me so mad. The bit that made me throw the book down in disgust is […]

Grumpy? and getting my ass in gear (automatically)

I noticed again last week that there are SOME people who are grumpy, no matter what happens. One late middle-aged woman I have been watching for several weeks off and on; every day for the last few working weeks. Even when a young man who appeared to be her son came to visit, she still […]