The 12 days of Christmas. Part 1 – days 1to 6

Tuesday December 24th, Christmas Eve ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring…. “And that is why we have oily gravy, lumpy custard and that dreadful stodge your Aunt calls eggnog” David’s grandmother said, smoothly. Oh so smoothly. Instead of helping Aunt Anne the old bat would rather […]


Will sat still in the corner, listening intently to the conversations around him. Kit was reading out his latest piece, carelessly thrown together in the last half hour – or so Will felt.  Kit was the most successful playwright of them all. Why some weeks he had plays running at two or more city theatres […]

Weekend theme

Friday at the end of an odd week. Dealing with the passing of an icon, someone who helped us as a country to become better than we were.dealing with a huge influx of bigwigs from all round the world, some politicians coming in droves together on fancy aeroplanes. A memorial service for probably the most […]

A life well lived

They brought her in on that Christmas eve, a tiny frail woman, her skimpy grey hair all askew, and those bright dark eyes looking round her. The Church workers said she had suddenly stopped coming to the church, so they went round to the address they had for her. No power, no warmth and the […]

Week theme

This morning I woke far too early. I lay in bed reading a novel on my reader, then switched to the news channels. The only big news is that Nelson Mandela (Madiba to us) is dead. It is not a surprise, he was incredibly frail and ill. It is a release for him and his […]

Opening lines

“No enthralling novel ever started with people having a cup of tea” Edna sighed. She was my editor and it was a tough job. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have been doing my editing except for the fact that my father owns the publishing house.  I felt worried. If my opening line “They sat quietly […]