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Although I’m not a serious sports fan there are many bloggers who are. The greatest extent of my live sport watching has been for a few years going to the annual international polo match, and that largely because it is a day of friends, FOOD, wine, port, chatter and then as a by-line you also watch those cute chaps on horseback thundering around. All quite dramatic and very exciting when the play comes close and you can feel the ground shake beneath the pounding hooves. (Many years ago I used to go to motor racing – I suspect many of the same factors came into play there too, the excitement of the roar of large engines and as we always picnicked at the SCC clubhouse there was food and drink in abundance)

The rugby blogs leave me astounded that there is so much to say about it. However, when we hosted the Soccer World Cup no-one in this country could have failed to feel the vibe. We as a nation have used Rugby to start creating a common identity (Thanks Madiba for your foresight and understanding!)

As the Rugby World Cup is again underway the rugby fans have been busy and happy. Happy here, UNTIL…………

Our final match seems to have had a biased or blind referee and so despite our chaps having most of the ball time, and playing mostly where the other chaps had to defend their line most strongly; we LOST. Fortunately I was gardening all morning so I didn’t see all of this happening. However there are sections of the country who went into mourning over it.

So while I was pondering about sport fans, what to plan for the weekend, and how to finish my current assignment at work I realised as it’s weekend, I need to find a theme.

Well the sad/mad fans gave it to me.

This weekend the theme is


As usual, to play along, create a post with disappointment as the theme, then come here and leave a message about it, with a link so others can pop over to your blog and read it along with others who post on the same theme.

As I post this on two blog platforms, you can read here and THERE for the links.

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