Am I dreaming?

Dreaming. Something we all do; something we so often forget. Some people claim they never dream. As we apparently re-sort the day in our minds during dreaming, people who don’t dream would forget so much and eventually go crazy. So much for the claims of “I never dream”. However I’m a world class dreamer. Mine […]

Tuesday morning musings

I recently watched John le Carre’s “Tinker Tailor …” rented on a DVD. It had one feature that had me glued to it. It was made some time back when the BBC had very strict standards for voice. I guess the standards came in because of the variety and complexity of regional accents among the […]

Pinky’s quizzy thingy

Pinky’s usual Friday quizzy thingy. And as usual I have answered 100% of them. Don’t laugh at me, I try very hard. 1. Is couscous a grain or pasta? It’s made from wheat, so it’s probably counted as a pasta 2. The dish “Osso bucco” uses what cut of meat? Veal shanks, and afterwards you […]

Weekend Challenge

It’s Friday, it’s time and I have a happy brain buzzing with so much after a wonderful evening yesterday. A visit to a friend made on the blogs, ostensibly to meet another foodie blogger who turned out to be delightful. To also meet a Facebook person with some real-life connections. And then when I got […]


Steve Jobs has died from cancer. He was younger than I am. Scary! He had a mind to appreciate. A man who focused on simplicity. Two-clicks to get anywhere. He also bought part of Lucasfilm, made Pixar and ended up on the board at Disney. However, he’s known for Apple. Wosniak moved off into obscurity […]


SAVOUR verb 1 [with object] taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it to the full: gourmets will want to savour our game specialities enjoy or appreciate (something pleasant) to the full, especially by lingering over it: I wanted to savour every moment (oxford   Something I am doing at present. Savouring a book, […]

Tornados here?

When I was a small child, as we drove on holiday to what was back then Rhodesia, we went through a town that had been hit by a tornado the previous day. I remember power or telephone lined dangling loose, tin roofing in places you didn’t expect. I don’t think I understood the fear involved […]

Adeeyoyo’s TAG

Playing tag! I was tagged by Adeeyoyo, who passed on the following questions. As they are not just inane questions over my preference in things that don’t occur or are not available in Joburg, I decided to play along (to a degree). As I have been blogging since 2007 on Letterdash, and here for a […]

Pinky’s Quiz

Pinky’s posted her quiz for the weekend, so I’ve done it and answered 100%. Accuracy is all in the eye of the beholder.   1. What is an éclade des moules? Well a moule is a mill (or is it a slipper), and Eclade must have something to do with accolades, so it’s probably the […]