Monday morning musings

The picture doing the rounds last week, made me stop and wonder. It was supposed to, but maybe my wondering wasn’t what the original sender wanted me to wonder.

Do you feel sad for those children there who lose their parents and for parents there losing their children, knowing they may well also die? Any normal person does. The horror of starvation in a ‘camp’ where you watch others fade away and die is one we would all like to prevent everywhere. However feeling that sadness a million times would make anyone bow down under the sheer weight of numbers. Large numbers of people dying make us feel somewhat less per person who dies. We just can’t cope with it all.

Only those who are personally strong cope with being a helper in these places, not to be overwhelmed by despair.

We live in a grossly overpopulated world, by humans at least. We are trying to eliminate so many other species that many are endangered and will disappear for ever.

Those small children, starving slowly, developmentally retarded for ever by the lack of nutrients at crucial stages, if they don’t die. Somalia has lived off food aid for over a generation now, and the human numbers there continue to grow, not decline, so that a country that couldn’t support a lower population in times of drought now can’t support its population even in ‘good’ seasons.

Just as in war time humans seem somehow to need to reproduce faster it seems the constant threat of famine does the same. Some basic survival instinct of the species rather than of the individual maybe?

So have the food donors for the last 30 years done those starving children any good by allowing them to be born into a country in such dire trouble?

A suggestion for all of those who are so saddened by the pictures. Why don’t they ship people out to where there is food, one shipment – once per person, then the country will have fewer to feed?

A small problem with that. No country seems to want to take them in.  Thousands of people, often ill educated, malnourished, possibly coming in at the lowest end of a society in a world economy that is in a slump. Would these people be better off living in China, battling in a mine or sweatshop there?

At least the Chinese have done one thing to limit population numbers. It seems inhumane when you first think about it. One child per couple.  Yet it is in a way a forced step into the mindset of the middle class. Fewer children, more time and money to spend educating them. A huge leap forward for a society, a better educated population.

Just as the world bank is starting to impose changes on countries wanting financial loans, should the world be demanding brakes on population explosion on countries needing food aid?



8 thoughts on “Monday morning musings

  1. Somalia’s problems are rooted in war, compounded by drought.
    If there were an adequate water supply, people could grow their own food, and the population would feed itself.
    Ways of collecting and storing water are vital – perhaps desalination of sea water would help, and also drilling artesian wells.


    1. There are so many complex factors behind it all. The de-stabilisation of one way of life by colonialisation. The replacements don’t really fit the people. The changes to subsistence farming that were brought about by the colonuialists, leading to huge changes, now the traditional ways are lost, and not enough that is sensible has replaced them.

      Until you have been in a place like that for a while ones brain just can’t comprehend how lost these people can be. The water and water-wise methods of farming to feed themselves are just the start of the changes needed.

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