Something old, something new

I had been feeling grumpy all the way. My job had taken me out of the country for a critical 2 week period in my life. Now I had just landed at Johannesburg airport, and without going home, went to wait for 3 hours for my flight to Durban.

Feeling gritty-eyed, lank haired, skin all saggy and wrinkled for too many hours in the air, I was sure by now I didn’t smell as I would like to. My jeans and jersey, so appropriate in Amsterdam, now were too warm, and as I had checked in my big suitcase, I cursed myself for not having lighter clothing to wear.

10 minutes in the washroom, and I at least smelt of deodorant, toothpaste, and I had cleaned my face, moisturised my skin and re-done my makeup.

As I walked along I went past a souvenir shop and realized they sold T-shirts. I went in and browsed. The was the perfect one, white with local butterflies printed all over. The price shocked me, but it would be perfect for wearing in the Durban heat when the plane arrived there. So I changed into it, squeezing the jersey into my carry-on bag.

Now for some nice fresh fruit juice and my mood would improve.

Durban airport, the car rental, being the same cost for the day as a taxi. And at last off I went.

My annoyance levels rose sharply again when I encountered the roadworks and detour. Now I wasn’t sure where I was, and how to get there. An hour later I finally drove up. Once again annoyed, grumbly. No one came out to meet me. So I left my big suitcase in the car and hurried to the gate. My daughters sleepy voice answered the buzzer, and at once the gate clicked open and I had hardly taken a step inside before she had the door open and was running to meet me.

Our hug started to soothe my grumbly-ness. We walked arm in arm into the little house, and she led me straight to the bedroom. There on the bed they were, my husband, asleep with my new grandson asleep on his chest. My daughter whispered, “we were awake with colic all night, and this is the only way to get baby to sleep”.

All my grumpiness fled, seeing them together. Despite missing the birth, I had managed to arrive before my son-in-law, who was still flying back from the USA. Pilots have to be out of the air for a certain time before they can fly again. He must be chafing to be home with them.

I sent her back to the spare room to also get some sleep, then I came back to the bedroom and sat on the bed watching my two boys, the old and the new. Loving them both and so glad to be there with them.

24 thoughts on “Something old, something new

  1. ahhh, that is wonderful. There is something really special about a baby asleep with it’s mum or dad. Lovely welcome home for you πŸ™‚

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