Weekend theme

I haven’t posted a weekend theme for a while now, there were so few participating that I thought the time had come for it to fade away. Now I have had a request for one, as a starter to get someone thinking and writing. I think this weekend (or week as one weekend’s work may […]


Umbrella. All week they have danced through my dreams, never once behaving as they should – to keep the rain off. And as for their fair-weather friends the sunshades, well they too have behaved disgracefully in my dreams. Actually that isn’t really true. They have behaved gracefully, floating, tumbling and generally being beautiful. World-wide the […]

Pretty Dubious

By all accounts I had been an extremely docile and obedient child up until the day we went to the Elak farm for my brother to select his Elak. He was 7, just the right age to take on a young Elak and bind for life. I was only 4, nowhere near ready in anyone’s […]

Weekend Theme

First I have to apologise for ducking out on the last weekend theme. The half-written post stares at me from my desktop daily. Not really begging to be written (I think it realises that is not going to happen) but as a guilty reminder of failure. So I have decided to cut my losses on […]


  When she began it was like all other humans, a sperm and an egg. Joining, splitting, experiencing hormones, developing buds for arms, legs, a head. A miracle in every minute. The hormones she experienced depended on those tricky chromosomes. One combination makes a female baby and another male. Hers for female, but she was […]

Weekend theme

Friday morning, not very early. I slept in until I woke as it is a holiday in South Africa. Woman’s Day. Therefore selecting the theme is easy today. It is Women As usual, create your own post. If you have never played along, try it. Your post can be words, pictures, sound. Anything that is […]

Upside down Rainbow

It seemed quite a coincidence, the week that the theme was rainbow, i learned something new, upside down rainbow. Circumzenithal arc, is the technical name. A refraction of light through horizontally oriented ice crystals. Isn’t that a beautiful sight? .

Weekend Theme

I have recently been finally freed of the company of someone very negative and rigid.  To celebrate my freedom, I think we need a cheerful theme this weekend. This weekend the theme is RAINBOW I’m not completely sure it is cheerful (after all some people can find odd things in any topic) but I’m sure […]


Happiness is a choice. I used to wonder about that. Is it really? How can people choose to be happy? If your child dies, how can you be happy? Thoughts as a youngster, looking at the world through the eyes of someone who had lost a child, or rather, trying to understand their incredible pain. […]