Echoes from the past

Yesterday afternoon, sitting waiting in a glass walled meeting room, I was a bit surprised to see a woman wave at me.

A while later, our planning session in full swing, the techies in and out as we needed them, she eventually came to the door, and as I looked up, she said hello, calling me by name. I looked and looked, and then suddenly recognized someone I worked with and was friendly with in the mid 1990’s.

One day soon we will get together to catch up. That will be good.

Working in what used to be a relatively small industry, these days we still find people from the past, still in the industry, doing something different, but still around.

The evening also turned my thinking to the past and the present. How instantly available information online has changed our decision making. How despite instant communications, by having too many email addresses for different things I missed an invitation, how much easier a telegram would have been delivered to the door. Ah! But then there is no butler to receive it and hand it to me.

I’ve been struck watching some British tv series set at the beginning of last century, how beautiful (if impractical) so many of the women’s clothes were. Those lovely fabrics no longer available. Again how much easier the modern no or little crease fabrics are than the ‘pure’ natural fibers used back then. I’d hate to have to put in that much effort doing the ironing.

Every age has its good points. But there is not harm in a half hour of wishing for the best of another age somehow in the current age, or am I fooling myself?

16 thoughts on “Echoes from the past

  1. Watching Downton Abbey also made me long for those elegant and feminine clothes, but you’re so right, they wouldn’t be at all practical in our modern world. Of course we would need to be born into the right upper class family to have such a luxury as a butler. 😉

  2. When ever I think back to a former age I think of the lack of anti-perspirants, the relative lack of bathing, the hand washing, and how smelly everything must’ve been. Our nowaday noses may not cope….

  3. so very true. I find the older I get the more I hanker for the simpler life I had in the 70’s as a child. Technologies were few, we wanted to be outside and we actually wrote letters.

  4. I have to say, I spend more time longing for the old days then I do relishing living in this age.
    Yes, everything is easier, but also worse in a fashion.
    Suppose we”ll just have to suck up and handle it 😉

  5. I think everyone gets nostalgic about their “those were the days”. We each experience it differently. One day the children of today will probably also look at their current time and wish back for today and call it “the good old days” 🙂

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