Power up

I have been again looking at cables for power and wondering just how I ended up with so many devices needing access to electricity now and then, to charge an internal battery, and just how to cope with the space and power outlets required.

There are devices that require their own transformers and those that are parasites requiring to be repowered via another device. How do other people manage all of these?





14 thoughts on “Power up

  1. Electricity and the outlets are only managed with great difficulty, and lots of money!
    And it seems that the designers of those multiplugs can’t think either – think I must send them a letter!

    1. the cords to the multiplugs are so short you can’t plug in and put the multiplug on a desk or similar sufrace, so you wither have extension and then multiplus, or everything on the floor. So wierd!

  2. Sidey, you will appreciate that I have many electrical devices, many of which are connected with radio comms.
    I have electrical tools too for which I use a portable socket which I can run out into the garden, on a 100 ft cable.
    We had our house rewired a couple of years back and I had extra sockets put in the walls. But I still need to use distribution blocks for extra sockets.
    Wherever possible I avoid these little blocks with three sockets clustered around one plug. I use distribution panels which are a row of sockets in a case, wired to a plug. That is much safer.


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