As I have been exposed to more of the nonsense that started the theme, I went off looking on the web.

Magicians, how they entrance us. From a young age, we can be lured into watching and guessing, how on earth they do those things.

I’ve had fun with youtube and found this one.

If anyone knows how he does it I’d love to know.

This one is shown all the way. Quite smart really.

And someone with the explanations

20 thoughts on “Illusion

  1. I have always intensely disliked magic illusions – because I know I am being fooled, and i can’t figure it out! It frustrates me. Now, I do enjoy very much “sleight of hand,” type magic – that’s a lot of fun to watch, because even though I might not be able to reproduce the magic, I nevertheless have a certain understanding of how it is done!

    The video here is phenomenal and amazing, but. . . AAAAAACCK!

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