Comfort Food

It’s the stuff we tend to associate with being cold, tired, maybe miserable, maybe ill, and sometimes even also really hungry. Times when we need comfort.

How often, as a child, feeling some or all of the above were the first associations of mother, comfort and food created that will linger on into adulthood?

What is it in our makeup that gets us dreaming of food, usually of the more fattening kind, when we are not feeling at our best? Stressed, ill, miserable, lonely.

Maybe instead of dieting for overweight we should be at a psychologist/hypnotist learning the secrets of our cravings and substituting them with something else? Substitute with what? Sex maybe?

Oops, yes we know who did that, Mr Strauss-Khan among others, and it gets them into serious trouble sometimes.

Maybe I’ll stick with hot chocolate.



13 thoughts on “Comfort Food

  1. Great punchline, Sidey. 😀

    It is true, diets based on deprivation don’t work to keep the weight off. We must change our relationship with food in order to conquer the scale.

  2. I once bought a hypnosis tape to control my love of comfort food. It worked spookily for two years right up until the moment I had a crisis:then all resolve evaporated as mysteriously as it arrived.

    I wish I could see lettuce as comfort food….

      1. It is a wonder that ‘they’ haven’t tried just that, Sidey. I am not happy with the way food contents are manipulated so that, unless one grows them oneself, one has no idea what one is eating!

  3. Oddly…other than popcorn, my comfort foods have changed over the years to match my whole foods diet. I do believe we can change what we view as
    comforting ~

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