Roundup for the weekend theme

Cindy wrote something rather fishy I thought

gobetweenflamestakes us into the realms of her mother’s cooking


Insane rambled around the subject, enjoying comfort food and ideas, as she went along

EXPLORER from the other side of the ‘boerewors curtain’ posted a picture to make you want to go and visit to join in

Lady-Bug and the cats have comfort food and drink

Sarchasm has us wondering about his theories related to food

twolips  takes us back to childhood comfort foods

foot loose added her views from sunny climes full of avos

Tilly Bud poetically amuses

nrhatch Nancy gives us cool comfort


Flower Is in the soup, from a packet in Germany

O, G! who decided to do his whole post in the comment” Soup. Can post one word, can I. Nor two. Pea soup.

Colonialist or  colonialist The rhyming meercat is at it again, deliberately being naughty. I just don’t know why his granddaughter hasn’t trained him out of it yet.

Hopestar with a hug, takes us to eating at her mother’s table.

uk-wizard posted some chocolate and other comforts

PinkPolkaDot gave us memories and recipes on both Letterdash and WordPress ?

and of course yours truly  or

12 thoughts on “Roundup for the weekend theme

    1. Thanks, Fixed now!
      It’s because when I poaste using the WORD link the spacing goes wierd, so I usually use the text paste, but then on a Monday I forget that the text paste doesn’t believe in hyperlinks.

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