Weekend Theme

It’s Friday. Here in Johannesburg we are suffering the effects of the first real cold front sweeping over us. We are swathed in duvets when possible, warm clothes at all times, and thinking of the poor shivering and miserable. Along with collecting blankets and warm clothes to donate for them, we think of home, (a fire if we like the effects) and comfort food.

So for those of you beginning to swelter in your summer this is about what may feel like distant memories. However I’m sure writing about memories is not too difficult for many.

The theme this weekend is

comfort food

Create your post, words –prose or poetry – pictures, video or sound clips should you feel they express what you want to convey.

When you have finished it, come back here and leave a message with a link to the post. Then I’ll build up the whole list at the end of the weekend and post that on both WordPress and Letterdash, so everyone can share across platforms.

Of course, I can’t finish this post without the weekly command “have fun with it!”


29 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. Love the theme, Sidey.

    I have comfort food for cold weather ~ soups, stews, chowders, casseroles.

    And I have comfort food for summer weather ~ ice cream, frosties, french fries, watermelon, fresh tomatoes.

    I’ll be diving into this theme shortly.

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