Story 2 – part 3

Dennis phoned again the next day, to ask her for coffee. Fortunately she had to attend a meeting with a new client so she could give a valid excuse. She had to put him off for that evening too. She had a body corporate meeting to attend as the company representative. Fortunately her job kept her occupied on quite a few evenings, so she could just keep telling him these stories.

 By the next Tuesday she felt guilty and accepted his offer of coffee at lunch time.  The whole thing was a disaster, he behaved possessively towards her. She wanted to keep it light and escape.

 As they were leaving the coffee shop, they ran into Johan. Dennis stood rigidly as Sally happily smiled at Johan and flirted with him.  As Johan left, Dennis took her arm and swung her round to face him. “Don’t you think that’s rude when I have just bought you lunch?” he demanded.

She pulled away angrily and tripped. As she fell she hit her head on a table and for a moment the world was black. When she came to, Johan and Dennis were both bending over her. She tried to move away from Dennis and ended up sitting on Johan’s foot. He realised she was trying to escape from Dennis and jumped to an unfortunate conclusion. He reached out and pushed Dennis away, shouting at him not to hit Sally again. Dennis uttered a phrase Sally could have sworn he wouldn’t have known and stalked away.

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