Story 2 – Part 3

Johan helped her to her feet and said mildly “Maybe you should get out of that relationship if he is abusing you”. Having ascertained she was ok, he apologised for leaving her and rushed off.

 When Dennis phoned later to find out how she was, she was curt with him and said she was busy. She went to bed early that night with a bad headache.

 The next day Dennis arrived at the office, carrying some flowers. An obviously cheap bunch bought at the garage. He was very apologetic, and she said “Dennis I don’t think this is going to work. Please leave me alone.” He walked out, his shoulders slumped.

 That evening was the annual meeting of the trustees where Dennis lived. As the agent representative she had to attend. The very last thing she felt like doing. Dennis was charming to everyone, pouring wine for the ladies and complimenting each on something.  She felt awful, but tried to be simply professional, take the minutes and give the odd bit of advice.

 She had hardly walked in at home, when Dennis phoned. “What must I change for it to work between us” he begged. “For one thing, your age” she said, tired of the pretence. “I didn’t mind being friends, but you seem to want a whole lot more. I’m young; I still want marriage, a family and all that,”

Dennis interrupted “But, you are the one for me, I have never felt as young as when I am with you.”

Sally replied, knowing she would feel mean by the morning “Why don’t you take out one of the older ladies where you live, there are enough of them”.

His reply relieved her of any guilt “But they are all so old” was his comment.

“They are all younger than you” she whispered as she put down the phone.

The next day Sally asked to swap accounts with one of the other reps. She had relieved herself of Dennis. She typed up the minutes and gave them to the new agent, this time a male as none of the women would take the account.

Dennis phoned her once, and she simply said, “Let me put you through to your new agent” and transferred the call.

 To celebrate she phoned Martina to ask her and her husband for dinner, and also to bring Johan with them on Saturday.  They all had a wonderful evening. Martina was correct, he was just right for Sally, and she for Johan.

7 months later she and Johan became engaged and before the year was up, they were married.


For a long time Johan teased Sally about “how I rescued you from grandpa”.

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