Anticiption – Part 2

As people seemed to want to know what happened………… Sally danced on down the stairs, smiling and humming. Ben was home, her Ben. Now all was well again and their lives together could start. Mariah watched as the man turned around and started walking up to the house. He walked a bit stiffly, Ben had […]


The war is over; I’ll never get to be a soldier Peace again, how many have we really lost? Ben will be coming home! Teddy, the 17 year old, looks at his books sadly. Now he will have to study harder. Then his face brightens. The dream of becoming a vet can return. It was […]

Story 2 – Part 7

Next morning he went for his usual coffee. Mary herself brought his coffee and sat down to chat for a moment. He thanked her for the lunch. She thanked him for the lovely flowers. Then she said “What did you think of my mum? You two are both alone and I think you’d be perfect […]

Story 2 – part 6

Lunch was an interesting meal. To Dennis, many unusual dishes. Salads that had fruit and vegetables mixed up, things he couldn’t identify. He disliked asparagus and that started a food discussion, with all the adults talking at once, and a few of the children passing comments he would not have tolerated from his own, let […]

Story 2 – Part 5

He was surprised to be met at the door by a man, in his estimation about his own age. The man introduced himself as Mary’s father-in-law, David. They walked through the house and out to a medium sized garden, seemingly full of people. This was not at all what he’d hoped for. A romantic little […]

Story 2 – part 4

Now without Sally to flirt with, Dennis started frequenting a local coffee shop, and when things were quiet he started chatting to the waitresses, and to the owner; Mary G, a women in her 40’s, with thick, dark hair, cut short as he liked. Her smile always seemed especially warm when he came in. After a […]