A story – part 30

Now that I have decided I would like Anthea as my wife I need to act on that decision.  The first issue is that man my father says she is in love with.  Some smooth diplomatic type.  So I have to have a plan.

My plan began with finding out about this man with whom Anthea claimed to be in love. The usual sources came up with the bare bones, school, military career in which he earned his degree. Some foreign service in the military, when he could he selected to go as a leader to natural disaster situations to help.  Then a move into the diplomatic corps. He served time in his home country, and then moved to this, his first posting. He’s not as young as he seems.

Point number 1 – he is bound to receive a new posting shortly. Anthea has her whole life here in our home country. Surely she won’t want to give that up. I know she left the country for her first marriage, but she was just a teenager, and what does one really know at that age?

Point number 2 – I did a bit of investigating about him since he has been posted here. He’s a bit of a ladies man and a social animal according to reports.  There was a stage when he was seen at parties and dinners every night. I wonder if there is anything worth researching so that I can warn her? No one has come up with any scandals from his earlier life.

Point number 3 – no other man knows and cares for her as I do.

Point number 4 – get rid of him. I don’t know how to get rid of him or beat him, without first making him look bad in her eyes, and I don’t think I could face myself if I did that unfairly. I think starting a marriage based on a lie would only hurt me someday.

Point number 5 – I don’t have a plan. I think I’m screwed. Unless and until he messes up!

I think all I can do at this stage is love her, be her friend and confidant (if I can handle it) and let her see how good a life together could be.

Step number 1 – get her involved in projects with me.

Step number 2 – let her see how much she loves her country

Step number 3 – let her start to see me as a man and not just her childhood friend. She knows I’m a man with other women, but there has to be more than just sex involved here.

It’s a rather feeble plan, but then, who knows, maybe I have some angel looking after me. After all if the angel had a hand in making me king, the least he can do is help me get a really great wife.

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