A Story – Part 29

Philip and Anthea had had a lovely weekend together. When they were having Sunday lunch with Ron and Anne, Philip received a shock. Anne said Liesl is coming to visit this afternoon and she says she has a surprise for us. 

Anthea said, “I’d love to meet her again, I last saw her as a small child when I was not much more than that myself”. Philip realised this could be the makings of a huge fight if he were there and this really was Lisa, and said, “Oh I’d hoped we’d have time for a walk this afternoon, and surely we shouldn’t intrude on family time. After all they haven’t seen her for quite a while”. He tried hard to remember where Lisa said she came from. He thought he remembered the name of the town, and it seemed to be this one.  Oh how he wished his memory were really faulty, and that her home town was elsewhere.

So Philip and Anthea left his car outside the restaurant where they planned to have a quick supper before they left for the capital. Anthea having to go on to her home city for a meeting the next day. They took a long walk, had dinner and then left, knowing they would still have the night together at his apartment before they had to separate. She had a nagging doubt about something, but couldn’t put her finger on it.

That week was very special for them, as Anthea managed to spend most of it in the capital.  They even had dinner with her father and mother as they were in the capital for the week as well.  Philip seemed to make a good impression on them, her father remembering his role in finding out about the new processing methods and making it possible to make the deal so quickly for his home country to use it too, providing funding for new projects within the company.

Anthea’s mother apparently also had a career, something in the accountancy field. That was something that rather shook Philip as he preferred women who stopped working after marriage. He would need Anthea by his side when he became an ambassador as he planned. A man’s career should come first.  Well at least for the first few years Anthea would be busy raising children, and by the time they went off to boarding school he should be senior enough for her to realise that her place was supporting his career.

Anthea spent some time at the palace with her cousin the King and his father.  Leo asked her to accompany him on a visit to an orphanage, so she spent a day with him and came back brimming with ideas. Philip seemed more interested in taking her to bed than in these ideas.

On Thursday Anthea said she’d like to go over the border to the city Philip had visited to see the architecture and spend the weekend there. She said “it’s amazing that I have never been there, and with you having spent time there you and your friend there can show me around”.

Philip tried to talk her out of it, proposing a weekend of relaxation in the capital, but she said she felt restless and this would be a good way to work it off.

That evening he lied and said his acquaintance there was away.  Anthea had found a small hotel for them to stay, and had reserved a room for them.  Philip spent most of the weekend hoping to avoid seeing Theresa or any of her friends.  They ate anywhere but at the restaurants he knew, and fared rather less well for food. His knowledge of the ancient and old buildings was not as good as he had expected.  Anthea was a little annoyed at this, after all he had said about spending the weekend exploring them.  The restaurants seemed poorer than he had described.

By the end of the visit Philip was edgy and snapped at Anthea a few times.  She tried to appease him, and they made up in bed.

When she returned to the village and the factory, Ron said, you’d better come for dinner tonight, Anne and I want to talk to you. It’s about Liesl’s surprise.

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