A Story – was he all bad?

A few months ago when several commentators decided they knew how a short story of mine would end, I decided that they were wrong, and proceeded to write episode after episode to string them along. At that stage the story was all about getting two people together. And my pair faced innumerable obstacles. Then one […]

A story – the last part

The project to build the house on Anthea’s part of the family estate progressed well. Anthea and Leo went about once a week together or separately to inspect the progress.  The changes to the design as made by Thomas made it a more beautiful and interesting home. They had to change some aspects in order […]

A Story – part 105

Leo and Anthea returned from honeymoon very relaxed and rested, ready to tackle almost anything. They almost immediately settled into a routine, all of the charities and other organisations who wanted their presence were examined and carefully selected. Anthea was most involved in those looking after children and those handicapped by various physical disabilities, Leo […]

A story – part 104

Philip sat at home for two days, watching television and drinking. He was bored and worried. Who would want to do this to him and why? He tried phoning Penelope but she did not answer. Another bitch who would just desert him. Well he could do without her and her lies. He phoned his friend […]

A story – part 103

Gerard and Benita (Mrs W) continued to see each other regularly. Through the wedding preparations she was a good advisor and companion. Gerard wondered why it had taken him so long after his wife died to find such a companion again. On the wedding day she was around in the background. She had enough sense […]

A Story – part 101

I’m awake. It’s early, still almost dark. Leo, now my husband, is lying on his back, snoring gently. I cuddle into him and he changes position to hold me, the snore stops. I keep my eyes closed, going over the previous day in my mind. How eventful it had been, all going by in a […]

A Story – part 100

The embassy lawyer looked at Philip. He just sat there dumbstruck. Finally “It was that bitch Penelope, she’s in on this!” he burst out. The senior of the SSA replied “Miss C was questioned this morning. Would you like to see the recording?” Philip nodded. It took a few minutes to set up the viewing, […]

A story – Part 98

At the celebratory breakfast, the Ambassador was slightly worried about Philip’s non-arrival. They had just started on the toasts, drinking to the head of state, when Philip arrived. He quickly apologised and took the empty seat at the far end of the table. The ambassador scrutinised him. Tanned and with a scruffy looking beard. Where […]