A Story – part 26

Philip was happy that Anthea had made their romantic weekend possible. With Lisa he had become accustomed to very regular sex, so he had been missing that.  However with Anthea it went hand in hand with being in love with her.

Philip seemed to be happier than he had ever been.  His habitual politeness was enhanced by this happiness, even the Ambassador noticed that he was always smiling.

He could hardly wait to drive to the village and be with her, however she had been at home for a board meeting and offered to come to the capital to stay with him. He rushed to the airport to pick her up. Their meeting was as happy as either could have wished. They could hardly take their eyes off each other.  Philip said “I never believed I could be so happy”.

The weekend was marred by only one event.  On Sunday afternoon Philip had agreed to play tennis at a local club with some important visitors to the country from his home.  He and Anthea were standing hand in hand watching the game before his when David came up behind them. He said “Hello Philip. Lisa it’s good to see you my dear”.

Anthea turned around to discover David looking at her with his mouth slightly open, looking surprised. He recovered his composure quite quickly and said all the right things as Philip introduced them.

As David and Philip walked onto the court she heard David say quietly, but not quietly enough for her to miss. “Well you old dog, you do know how to collect these lovely women”.

Then a woman sitting near to Anthea turned to chat to her.  She was the ambassador’s wife. She too referred to Anthea as Lisa, asking her how the medical world was doing.

Anthea explained who she was, and the Ambassador’s wife immediately apologised.  “Well”, she explained, “these young men do seem to have so many women friends; it can be hard to keep up.”

That evening she asked Philip who Lisa was. He said she was his physiotherapist who had been rather lonely so he had become friendly with her, taking her places where she could meet new people.  He insisted they were only friends and that Anthea was the only woman he loved. He said “My darling, haven’t you noticed how you have my whole heart and soul, every last bit of me is in love with you?”

She then asked about the woman she had seen him with at the airport outside Venice.  He laughed a bit nervously and said the two women had been rescued by them in a rainstorm and given a lift to Venice – that was all.  He said she had been a rather emotional and pushy type, saying good bye had rather difficult for him as she imposed on him, kissing him as though she was more than an acquaintance.  He said, “I can’t even remember their names now”.

Anthea laughed with him over how some women gave themselves ideas.  But somewhere deep inside was an uncertain feeling.

Philip distracted her by kissing her and making her laugh, and then swept her up on his arms and carried her off to the bedroom, where she forgot the conversation, distracted completely by their lovemaking.


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