A Story – part 25

I met Philip on holiday in Italy. It was supposed to be just a holiday fling, but he made contact again afterwards.  Seeing him again was not as great as the fun we’d had on holiday.  That’s probably not uncommon, finding someone less exciting in normal life than you did on holiday.  Sex with him was not bad, but no major shooting stars either.  He was a rather selfish lover.

When he suggested that he come and visit again I naughtily suggested he bring a friend to make a threesome.  I wondered if that may put him off, but not at all. He arrived with a younger woman, Lisa, who seemed devoted to him.  I wondered how she had been persuaded into the venture.

I was prepared to find her rather boring, but after we had been speaking for a little while I realised she and I clicked.  As though we had always known each other, yet in an exciting way that only an attractive stranger can bring. We talked and talked for a lot of the day.

That night in the club dancing as a threesome with her and Philip I was incredibly excited.  I am fairly well experienced but this felt like something new and wonderful.

I suspected she may be shy so when we got back to my apartment I gave everyone a drink and by removing my clothes hoped to make everyone feel at home.  I suspect none of us had ever been in a threesome before so it was a teeny bit confusing.  Lisa seemed uncomfortable if I touched her.

When Philip collapsed to sleep Lisa started crying. I felt responsible, so I dressed her in one of my gowns which was easier then rummaging in their luggage and took her to the kitchen.  I find herbal teas soothing if I am upset so I made us both some. We started to talk and I discovered she rather thought that if Philip had sex with her he was going to marry her.  She had been deeply shocked by the events earlier.

I apologised, explaining that it was a joke that went sour.  She still looked sad, so I got up and gave her a hug.  That seemed to change the atmosphere between us. I was a little puzzled by it, but strangely excited.

Her back was stiff when I hugged her so I offered her a massage; not thinking about me an amateur massaging a professional physiotherapist.  We made a comfortable and cosy place on the floor, and I lit a candle and used some scented massage oil.  She relaxed, we chatted gently.  Then she offered to do the same for me.  It was gentle and friendly. My shoulder had been giving me a bit of trouble and she realised this, turning me over to move it about.  She was so beautiful bending over me naked that I just had to put out a hand to touch her.  The atmosphere between us became electric and she leaned down and kissed me.

For both of us, that was a discovery of ourselves and each other.  Neither had much experience with another woman, and she had been rather repressed.  We discovered about ourselves and each other together.  Finally we both were happy and exhausted, we lay in each others arms, looking at each other, and almost simultaneously said that this was the best we had ever had.

She fell asleep in my arms. I lay there thinking.  Since a teenage affair which resulted in a botched abortion that meant I could never have children, I had never felt this strongly about someone.  I did not think of myself as a lesbian, but maybe this was different.

I watched her sleeping by the last light of the candle and eventually drifted off, happy in a way I couldn’t remember.

When I woke it was to find Philip trying to creep in between us.  I wanted to hit him for disturbing us.  So I pretended we needed to make a start on getting ready for the day.

Walking into the shower with Lisa I wondered if she would feel differently this morning, but she hugged me and said “Thank you for last night, I didn’t know I could feel like this.”

Our mood happy and light-hearted made the rest of the day a pleasure.  We planned for me to visit the next weekend.

After they left I sat thinking about what had happened and wondered what it could become.  I missed her already.  A few hours later she phoned, and suddenly the world felt right again.

We spoke daily and on the Friday I left the office mid afternoon and drove across the border to her. 

The weekend was wonderful, we did so much together, even the little things like cooking we did well together. She is methodical, I am adventurous and between us we have a balance.

On Sunday morning she woke to find me watching her and she said “Is this a Lesbian affair?”  I replied “I don’t know about that, all I know is that I want you in my life any way you will have me”. She replied very seriously “Me too”.

We were giggling over Philip when she suddenly stopped and said “And to think I was trying to get pregnant to speed up our marriage, all that dreadful sex with him, sometimes twice a day. Oh how could I have done it?”  I couldn’t help it, suddenly all the pain of the botched abortion and the subsequent surgery flooded over me and I wept.  She comforted me as I explained.  Then she said “If we want a baby I’ll carry it, but it will be yours, you can choose the sperm donor and after it’s born you can take treatment and feed it”.

We ended up crying and laughing, realising we were planning a life together, even though this was so new and unexpected.

Our daily chats, text messages and e-mails served to bring us closer together.  My firm had a few customers in her country and after discussion with the MD he agreed I could relocate temporarily to see how that went. If I could grow the business there I would be free to stay on.

The next weekend I moved in. We were happy, settling in the few personal things I wanted to bring. 

My best friend, my confidante, my lover and the person who made me happy, all in one.  We discussed how we would tell people, and decided to take it slowly, telling those we trusted first. She said “I wonder how my parents will take this? My mother was making my trousseau.  They live in a small town and are pretty straight-laced.”

As my parents were pretty bohemian I suspected and hoped that they would simply be happy for me.

Every day was happy. We were happy just to be together, doing things together or talking.

Then one morning about three weeks after we met, Lisa woke up and immediately ran for the bathroom, being sick.  The second morning the same thing happened and when she was palely sitting with a cup of herbal tea and a biscuit she said “I think I may be pregnant, it must have happened just before we first came to you.  I just don’t want Philip to know – ok?”


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