Weekend Theme

I have recently been finally freed of the company of someone very negative and rigid.  To celebrate my freedom, I think we need a cheerful theme this weekend.

This weekend the theme israinbow


I’m not completely sure it is cheerful (after all some people can find odd things in any topic) but I’m sure it is colourful.

As usual, to play along, create a post of your own, using the theme as the starting point/basis.  Then come back here and leave a message with a link to your post, so that others can do and visit the other posts.

As usual there is only one rule. Have fun with it!

60 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. I can’t believe it’s weekend again Sidey! Gosh! Glad to hear you are free of that negativity. Who needs people like that in your life? Great theme. 😀 *hugs*

      1. Sweetness, negativity from other people can literally drain you. Remember that we all give off some kind of energy and when there are people around you with bad vibes/energies, it clings to you and it can take over because you are in constant contact with a person like that. You can close yourself to things like that but then you close yourself to the good things as well. If someone in my space have a bad vibe like that I would tell them immediately to stop doing what they’re doing or get out of my life. It’s really upsetting and it makes me literally sick. My stepfamily was like that and I got them out of my life and I refuse to have any contact with them. Burning sage in your space is also a good way of clearing bad energy. 😀

        1. I could have done with the sage, just to annoy. unfortunately she was a customer. but after a few years I had to ask to be replaced there.

          1. Oh, that is unfortunate indeed Sidey and such a difficult situtation indeed! I wish customers like that would realise that the people who are serving them are humans as well and that they have emotions and feelings too. Some of them can be soooo nasty! I am very glad you got rid of her hon..really! Good for you! 😀 *hugs*

            1. it was such a relief. my goodbye e-mail had lovely returns but not a word from her. no skin off my nose, someday she will have what she did come back to her

              1. Oh, I bet and I am glad that there are other wonderful people that will make up for her nastiness. You are right…what goes around comes around. 😀

  2. The weekend coming up. Enjoy, Sidey!
    Colours cheer me up. The rainbow for sure is colourful and cheerful. Driving home from Sydney last Sunday we saw a very beautiful rainbow for just a few seconds. Still, it was very exciting and made us very happy. 🙂

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