Pinky’s food quiz – number 80

My friend Pinky of Pink Polka Dot Food occasionally posts a food quiz, and I try to answer 100%

Here is her latest


  1. What does pomegranate mean? Does it have meaning? I eat them, but meaning? I didn’t know they had philosophy.
  2. Where is Torta Pasqualina traditionally served on Easter Friday? Italy
  3. Where is Mazurek cake traditionally served over Easter? Eastern Europe
  4. What are the main ingredients of mayiritsa, a Greek Easter soup? Bunny?
  5. What is the main ingredient of a Pilaf? Rice
  6. What are quenellas? The plural of quenelle
  7. What is traditionally served on top of “steak tartare”? Raw egg
  8. What is the difference between a bouchée and a vol-au-vent? I have eaten a Vol-au-vent
  9. When is Babka traditionally served? Easter?
  10. What is “kokkina avga”?It sounds angry, I think I will stay away

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