Starting something new

I believe that when we have an idea, no matter how far hidden in the mind it is, then associated ideas, occurrences etc conspire to bring it to full consciousness. Some people call it coincidence, others synchronicity. Some say it is pre- determined. Whatever.

I have been noticing over the last few days, sayings, pictures, people’s statements all about either starting something new, re-starting something, or moving on from one thing to the next.

We are forever in a position to start doing something new or doing something differently, so why should this suddenly be of interest? I don’t have a clue.

I do think I am trying some kind of change, half conscious of it and it is making me aware of all the things people say, do, share about the matter. Forcing me to tackle this in a more determined way.

I do suspect that, in order to start something new, you have to let go of something in the past (or even something in the present). I think it has to do with only having so much space in your life, home, head.

So off I go to have a nice warm drink, and to lie in bed, listening to the rain and let the thoughts do their own thing.


21 thoughts on “Starting something new

  1. Now that’s shmart!

    I guess I do the same thing, I call it ‘fading’. Though I suppose it could be about finding balance, not to be confused with juggling of which I suck.

    Maybe am irreverent about what I do, I seldom value much after completed, I just like the doing.

    1. I like to see something coming into reality. It may just be avdifferent way to stack the dishwasher, and not something of significant impact

  2. It would be interesting, Sidey, to analyse whether those writing about something new are coming into spring i.e. the Northern hemisphere.
    Good luck with your thoughts……….

  3. Chicken or egg? Do ideas in the subconscious start focusing one on similar ideas out there – and because there are a lot of ideas out there, one finds that the ones that correspond tend to jump at one?

  4. Hi Sidey, maybe it is because of Easter that we start thinking about change and renewal? As far as I am concerned there’s definitely a change of season in the air!
    Personally I can feel that I am slipping more and more into old age. Which I don’t fight, I mean I am not desperately clinging to what I could do when I was younger. But I do have my memories. And this is good.

  5. Sidey, when I was younger one week lasted forever. Now the weeks are chasing each other and with every week I’m getting older, faster and faster. But I reckon it’s good that the staying young lasted for so much longer, isn’t it?

  6. Your first paragraph is so true, Sidey. I find something will stick in my brain and occur again and again until sometimes it turns into a reality. Don’t know if you understand this ‘cos I hardly do myself, lol!

  7. It is a little like being part of one big machine. We are all cogs after a fashion, I suppose. Maybe this is how it is supposed to be. Part of a bigger plan, perhaps?

  8. You could definitely see your enthusiasm in the article you write.
    The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. All the time go after your heart.

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