Back in the swing?

After the Summer/Christmas break, most of us up in the Southern Hemisphere are settling back to the routine of work.  Funny how even just a few days break can make it difficult to get back into a tight time management routine.

About 10 years ago I started along a route of working from home, of even more erratic working hours.  For some time I worked on a contract basis ad-hoc travelling to Asia and the USA and then I had a most unusual routine. Checking e-mail at 3-4am and late at night, as the work offers came through during daytime in the USA. Travelling every week or two, LONG flights. Living in hotels and driving rented cars on the wrong side of the road, or walking through such busy areas in Beijing. Flipping from summer to winter in a day. Routine at home was living on the e-mail, gym early in the morning, extra sleep during the day. Most friends busy with work when I was free, and then wanting to do things when I was leaving for the next flight.

Then the change to working locally, with only a few in-country trips. Even that wasn’t REGULAR. Never the same thing day after day.

When I had to settle back into routine, same place every day, I found it rather irksome. But then I think that may have had to do with some women who were dreadful. Juniors who didn’t really want to deliver and a senior who resented and retrenched anyone competent as they were a threat to her.

Now I have had nearly 2 years back in the ‘many-places’ mode of work. Finally after more than 6 months I have an office at the major client (and should be there most of the time till year-end). I find it difficult to go to the same office daily.

Is it just me, or does everyone resent the feeling of being tied down?


9 thoughts on “Back in the swing?

  1. Routine irks most people and yet we need it to some extent. Hard to find a balance. We are like climbing plants – need a little tying in place from time to time so that we can bloom properly but we’ll choke if too restricted.

  2. Interesting: my job as a district nurse means I visit many places in the course of a day. So maybe that reduces the feeling I’m going back to the same place every day.

  3. I work in one place – but since that place is my own house, it has its definite perks. I do miss being out and about with other people sometimes, but all in all, I’ve got a pretty good deal.

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