Can driving people hard create motivation? Yes, it has.

The first part of the huge-on-going monster that I joined late last summer had had minor progress for a lot of effort. My first stage was for a big “shop-window”, I pushed hard, and got it delivered in world-record time for the product. But an offshoot of making specific people responsible and ‘owning’ the shop-front they are now so involved and motivated that although they have had job offers elsewhere in the organisation they want to be exactly where they are, being pushed by the old bat but having the fun of seeing results HAPPEN!

Their big boss is delighted.

Even the person who reluctantly joined to do admin on the project is now so involved in the outcomes she wants to go round the country to do training on it. She thinks it’s the best thing ever!

I had a few months off from the project, and NOTHING HAPPENED. So I’m back. It’s again taken a while to get everyone into the swing of working fast and creating results, but I seem to be breaking through again.

Work can be so satisfying.



16 thoughts on “Work

  1. Sounds like you’re a catalyst. How do you figure the energy keeps after you leave this time? A fun puzzle, to keep the work buzzing after the queen bee as gone to search for another hive~

    1. I think so, we delivered in record time and it has been accepted as a success. (so far)

      Limericks are an interesting form, not only rhyme and metre but content should be risque

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